Life ain't no walk in the park

We all get this feeling sometimes of being overwhelmed by everyday life. We face all kinds of challenges in life, both physically and mentally. We need these challenges to keep our lives exciting. Often we can find the capacity to deal with these challenges, but sometimes, for some reason or another, we can't cope. We don't feel well, lose interest, aren't entirely motivated and seem to have more questions than answers.

Throughout our lives it's very typical to encounter difficulties that bring pain and discomfort. Reality is hard. That's nothing new, we've all experienced this already and that's a part of life. However, if you feel that things are going very wrong and you feel distressed, it might be helpful to get in touch with a psychologist. It is often the case that people only visit a psychologist when they're in a terrible place or when they have the feeling that they're completely stuck. You can already consult with a psychologist sooner, for instance, if you're looking for someone to listen to your story.

Do you feel like life is throwing lemons at you? Are you facing problems or obstacles that are throwing you off balance? Are you not feeling well? Do you need an external sounding board? Then come by for an intake session. Together we'll try to find ways to achieve a (re)new(ed) balance so that you can give direction to your life again.

"We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges."

For whom

Youngsters and adults who want to take time and space to take a breath and reflect. We come together to get some insights in how to feel better about oneself again and become happy again. People who want to get their priorities straight again and thus becoming the person they really want to be. 


Together, we will work towards a (re)new(ed) balance by talking things through. Below you will find some conditions that can be discussed during our sessions. Other troubles can certainly also be part of our sessions. If necessary, a referral to other specialists can also be made.

Chronic pain, fertility issues, unfulfilled desire for children, obesity, screening gastric bypass/sleeve, chronic disease (diabetes,...), sleeping problems, stress, burn-out, extreme worrying, anxiety, depression, adaptation difficulties,... 


I'm Anneleen Rasquin, clinical and health psychologist (KU Leuven, 2009), working as an independent practitioner since 2010. Built-up years of experience as a psychologist working in a hospital. Currently also working in the university hospital of Leuven (UZ Leuven) in the following domains:

Additional training in: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT Academie, 2021)

Perinatal counseling (Draag-kracht, 2023)

Member of:

Practical information


Individual session: 65€ per 45 minutes

Couple sessions: 75€ per 60 minutes

Additional costs may be charged for reporting and external consultation. These costs will be calculated according to time investment and conveyed as soon as possible. 

Payment will occur at the end of each session by mobile payment (app/payconiq) or cash. 

Not all Belgian medical insurances cover services provided by a clinical psychologist. The reimbursement conditions differ depending on the health insurance company you are affiliated with. We will discuss possibilities regarding reimbursement during our first session.

Canceling your appointment

If you cannot make the scheduled appointment, please cancel at least 24h in advance. Cancellations are possible by phone, by mail or by text. Late cancellations and unannounced absences will be fully charged.

Online sessions

Are you experiencing physical complaints that make it difficult to move, are you staying abroad or is it too time-consuming to pass by? Maybe online sessions are a good alternative. Please reach out to me about the possibilities.

Dutch sessions are also possible

Ga naar Nederlandstalige webpagina voor extra informatie.


Because of flexible working hours, you won't have to wait long for your first appointment. Sessions can be scheduled during the day and after office hours. 

You can easily reach the practice with public transportation, train station and bus stop are within walking distance. There is also plenty of parking space on the street (don't forget to pay for parking). 

ADDRESS: Diestsesteenweg 175, 3010 Leuven

PHONE: +32 498 97 28 76


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